on back fat, pancakes, and iphones.

13 Apr

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Hello There

11 Apr

Hello There

I thought I’d introduce myself.
You can call me D.
I’m a 24 year old woman from somewhere west of the Mississippi, who loves the ocean, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, hot Cheetos, purple wayfarers, Glee, DrawSomething, David Boreanaz, tattoos, lazy cats, and Netflix.
I’m a former smoker who thinks Johnny Depp is immortal, that Dexter just needs a hug, and that my letter from Hogwarts got lost.
I’m also pretty sure that Haymitch Abernathy and Effie Trinket were getting it on, that Molly Weasley fantasized about running away, and that Kurt and Blaine are having insane amounts of sex off-screen.

You’ll never catch me crying, because I do it when I’m alone. You’ll also never catch me hitting anyone, because violence really isn’t the answer.

I read at least one book a week, I’m a fan fiction fiend, and I used to dream of being a writer. Now I just dream of being happy, or of leaving my little town behind, or of just falling asleep before 2 am.

That’s only part of me, though, you’ll have to read here on a regular basis to find out some of the rest. 🙂